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Published by admin March 08,2021

Car strobe lights are obviously legal for first responders such as those who drive police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances. But if you are another type of first responder, such as a volunteer firefighter or a physician, the answer to the question “Are car strobe lights illegal for your vehicle?” is more complicated. These laws vary greatly state by state, so you should consult with your local law enforcement or state government for further details.

Usually, even though this type of first responder might still be responding to an emergency situation, they are not allowed to use red and blue lights on public roads. However, some states allow these first responders to utilize car strobe lights in different colors. 

Green lights are considered by some states to be courtesy lights, meaning that these vehicles are requesting the right of way, but it is not mandatory that you pull over for them. These lights are often used by volunteer firefighters or volunteer EMS teams.

Some commercial vehicles are permitted to use strobe lights on public roads, too. Again, you will need to consult your particular state’s laws for details, but many states permit construction and utility vehicles to use strobe lights. 

The most common color strobe light nationwide for these types of commercial vehicles is yellow. There will often be certain restrictions on the use or capabilities of these strobe lights, though. Construction and utility vehicles in Ohio, for instance, can only use their amber strobe lights when they are pulled off to the side of the road. 

In some states, commercial vehicles can even use red or blue lights if they meet certain requirements related to the light’s pattern and usage. In Washington State, emergency tow trucks can use red lights so long as the light is either intermittent or revolving, and also has 360 degrees of visibility. 

Whether you’re a first responder, a farmer, or a car show enthusiast, we’ve got the car strobe lights for you.

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