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Do You Know What is LED Sensor Light?


Published by admin September 17,2021

LED Sensor Lights are widely applied in many public places such as corridors, bathrooms and other places. Now many people would like to choose such lighting in their home decoration, which is not only energy-saving but also very convenient. There are many sensor lights in the Fitled cabinet light. Today we will make a brief introduction of models and working principle of the sensor lights.

According to different sensing methods, there are currently 4models of sensor lights:

1 voice-activated sensor light

2 microwave sensor light

3 image contrast sensor light

4 infrared sensor light

led sensor light

The infrared sensor lights product can be further subdivided into:

1. Ordinary infrared sensor light: bulb light, ceiling light, down light, strip light. The lights turn on when people comes and turn off when people go away.

2. Emergency infrared sensor light. It comes with a lithium battery, and can provide illumination after power failure.

3. Fire emergency infrared sensor light. It is different from ordinary fire emergency lights because usually it can sense the lighting, and provides emergency lighting when the disaster happens. Note: This product must pass the national CCCF fire certification.

The working principle of the sensor light:

If someone or any other object move within the effective sensing range, or if there is sound, the light source will automatically light up. The effective movement/sound will end after about 30 seconds~1 minute. With the light control circuit, sensor light can be made into a night type (only when the environment is dim), or day and night (automatically lit during the day and night).

led sensor lightled sensor light

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