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A good led closet hanger rod for hotel wardrobe contractor !


Published by admin September 17,2021

When you live in a hotel, do you find that many hotel wardrobes have led lights? Lighting is an indispensable part of the hotel,from ceiling light fixture to furniture lighting, they are all need to think about what kind of led light to choose to make customers have a good experience. Today i will introduce one type led light for hotel wardrobe: 

LED Closet/Wardrobe Light with PIR motion sensor

This closet light as a closet hanger rod can bear the weight of 15kg with aluminum profile,  and it come with pir motion sensor switch, when people approach light will auto on at motion, auto off in 30 seconds after no motion. it is good for home automatization design...

The length of this wardrobe light can be customzied according to different size of closet, we can design different length for wardrobe marker.

If wardrobe maker or hotel contractor need this lighting welcome contact me, we can provide good led lighting solution for your project  :  Tel/ skype/ Wechat / WhatsApp: 0086 18566770942          email: [email protected] 


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